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Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Hot and Cold Stone Massage (Sun/Mon)

Presenter: Diane Brinsko
Hours:  16  Approved for PA License Renewal

Early Registration Fee: $325   (if paid 14 days in advance of workshop)
Registration Fee: $350 
Full payment required to register.
Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Dates:  Sunday and Monday 5/19 – 20/2019 OR 11/3 – 4/2019

Stone massage involves more than simply placing hot stones on the body or rubbing oiled stones over the skin. Stone massage is a powerful modality that combines the benefits of of hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, thermotherapy and aromatherapy to create a deeply relaxing and healing experience. This contrast therapy of the hot and cold stone application promotes a dramatic movement of fluids within the body, interrupts the “pain-spasm-pain” cycle and generates a toning or strengthening response to several body systems – most notably the immune system.
This workshop includes:

  • Benefits and effects of hot/cold therapy for the client and therapist
  • Contraindication/Pre-Cautions
  • Equipment, supplies, setup, sanitation and recharging
  • Issues of safety including proper regulation of stone temperature
  • Demonstration and hands on practice

You will give and receive a Hot/Cold stone massage to facilitate your competence and confidence.

The regulations of the Pennsylvania Board of Massage Therapy requires proper training in any modality that you offer.  Simply watching a video or reading a book on stone massage would likely be seen as not meeting this requirement. This workshop provides the training necessary for any licensed massage therapist to safely and effectively apply a stone massage to their clients.

Presenter:  Diane Brinsko received her initial training at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and has been an instructor there for many years and a massage therapist since 1993.  In addition to her work as a massage therapist Diane is a national educator for Amber Products/Spa Elegance and has traveled extensively offering massage, bodywork and esthetic training to schools, spas, the Pennsylvania Chapter of the AMTA, massage businesses and at trade shows.

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To register for this workshop call 800-860-1114 and place your deposit on a charge card or mail a check for the required deposit to:
Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy
3600 Laketon Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15235

Include check made payable to “Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy”, your name, address, email address, phone, name of the workshop and workshop dates. We will send you a confirmation in the mail.  If you are traveling by plane, please confirm the workshop with the school before buying your ticket.  Occasionally we do have to cancel workshops due to low enrollment.  If a workshop is cancelled for any reason our liability is limited to a return of the deposit paid.  If you cancel your participation in a workshop within 21 days of the workshop, there will be no refund of the deposit paid.  Cancellation earlier than 21 days before the workshop will incur a $25 processing fee.  The balance of your deposit will be refunded.