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Neural Reset Therapy ® (NRT) Advanced

Neural Reset Therapy ® (NRT) Advanced

NCBTMB Approved Provider
Presenter: Lawrence Woods
Hours:  20 Approved for PA License Renewal & NCBTMB Approved
Early Registration Fee: $545   (if paid 21 days in advance of workshop)
Registration Fee: $645
$100 Deposit required to register.
Time: Friday and Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Dates:  10/19-21/2018

Neural Rest Therapy Advanced Course is open only those students who have
completed the upper and lower body live workshops and have purchased the
accompanying home study modules.

You may register for this class if you will have the above requirement
completed before this class date.

Course size is limited so please register early.

How to maximize your success with the NRT reset
We will study 12 different ways how to achieve a reset even with the most difficult clients. New and in depth information will be given about the Twin Reset. A brand-new tweak will be introduced.

Introducing a new application method.
In the basic classes, you learned six application methods. You will learn an amazing and even easier way to initiate the reset.

Beyond muscles

You will learn how to apply Neural Reset Therapy (NRT)® to eliminate trigger points located in the skin, tendons, ligaments, and the periosteum of bones. Even if these structures have been painful for decades, you will be able to quickly remove the pain from these areas.

Healing organs with Neural Reset Therapy ®
Learn how to apply Neural Reset Therapy ® in very specific ways to help heal dysfunctional organs. Eyesight, hearing, liver function, cardiac conditions and other organ issues may be improved by using the principles of NRT to reset the tissues that reflex into these organs. This is based on research conducted by Russian and German scientists.

Sports Specific Resets

If you work with athletes or the more common weekend warriors, you will be able to help them even more by tailoring Neural Reset Therapy ® specifically for tennis, swimming, basketball, baseball, dance aerobics, and many other types of sports activity. You will learn how to do this even though you were not successful using the basic NRT techniques.

The NRT Universal Reset

Go beyond techniques and apply Neural Reset Therapy ® in a global way. What to do when you don’t know what to do!

More Muscles

Did you think you had learned all the muscles in the basic classes? 23 more sets of muscles will be taught along with the techniques to reset them.

Expanded, Revised, and New Techniques

You will learn 16 new, easier, and/or more complete approaches to reset muscles that were covered in the basic classes.

How to Create Resets for Any Muscle (plus 8 more new muscles)
Create new resets on your own – the step by step process.

Beyond the Spinal Cord Integration Center

Learn about the higher integration centers of the brain and how Neural Reset Therapy ® interacts at that level to affect emotions and organ functions.

The Miraculous Sequence

Learn how to do a complete Neural Reset Therapy ® session without using a massage table! Think about what you could do in a locker room, airport terminal, on the sidelines of an athletic event, or any other place where a massage table would be not available or inconvenient to use. Over 20 brand-new effective techniques will be introduced. Even if you have a massage table present, you may choose to do this sequence for many of your clients because the Miraculous Sequence is the easiest way of all to do NRT. Very little effort is required from the therapist.

Advanced Body Maps and the Advanced Recommended Sequence Charts
Just like the basic class manuals, you will find the advanced body maps and the advanced recommended sequence charts to be helpful tools in your study and practice of Neural Reset Therapy ®.

Advanced Home Study module
As with the basic classes, there is an Advanced Home Study module available to those attending the live class. The current price is $245 which includes a 126-page manual and a 9 DVD set. There is an optional exam available for those wanting the CE hours and/or interested in becoming certified in Neural Reset Therapy ®. It has been approved by the NCBTMB for 25 CE hours.

The Everything Reset Sequence

In the Advanced Home Study module, you will learn how to reset 321 muscles (160 pairs plus the respiratory diaphragm) in a quick flow that requires no pushing, pulling, or tapping by the therapist. This is all done with the client sitting and lying on a table. You will be able to easily treat anyone of any size with amazing results!

Presenter: Lawrence Woods, BS, LMT, is an internationally recognized instructor, dedicated bodyworker and clinical researcher. With decades of experience in massage and bodywork, coupled with a background in scientific research in chemistry and medicine, Lawrence developed this revolutionary and unique process of resetting the tonus of muscles. He was the first to discover the Twin Reset in which painful tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and periosteum) could be normalized in a few seconds by working on the contralateral side of the body.

When not presenting the NRT process across the country, Lawrence maintains a busy clinical practice in Indianapolis. Somehow he still finds time to maintain a healthy lifestyle by routinely exercising for over 50 years, practicing a vegan diet and meditating for over 45 years, and laughing at all of his mistakes along the way.

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