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Science of Medical Massage

Science of Medical Massage

NCBTMB Approved Provider

Presenter: Dr. Ross Turchaninov
Hours: 24 Approved for PA License Renewal & NCBTMB Approved

Early Registration Fee: $550  (if paid 14 days in advance of workshop)
Registration Fee: $575
Full payment required to register.
Times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


  • Day 1: Science of Therapeutic and Stress Reduction Massage – hands-on 
  • Day 2: Understanding the Medical Massage Concept – lecture
  • Day 3: Medical Massage Protocol for Chronic Lower Back Pain – hands-on

This seminar is a bridge to a highly successful practice and $100K-plus yearly income. You will learn to use and integrate Medical Massage into your practice, opening your access to the medical community, enhancing your reputation and ability to relieve pain by successfully treating a wide variety of somatic and visceral disorders.


Day 1: Supercharge your Swedish Massage with the Science of Therapeutic and Stress Reduction Massage.

Learn through hands-on how to optimize your Therapeutic and Stress Reduction session using the science of massage. This is the basic, necessary component of any Medical Massage session. You will learn

  • How to eliminate phenomenon of adaptation
  • The correct body mechanics to insure years of successful practice
  • 60 variations of the 7 basic massage techniques developed by the Western School of Massage Therapy. You will learn unique techniques such as effleurage with unequally distributed pressure, scrolling kneading, Sarkisov-Sirasini’s friction, etc.

Day 2: Understanding the Medical Massage concept.

This day of lecture will give you a thorough understanding of the Medical Massage concept based on modern science. We cover all major theoretical components. You will understand when, where, what, why and how Medical Massage affects your client and how to use Medical Massage to achieve stable clinical results.

Day 3: Medical Massage Protocol for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Our goal the third day is to establish a mental understanding of the scientifically based pattern of soft tissue rehabilitation using Medical Massage. This pattern will be reapplied over and over for the treatment of more than 70 of the most common somatic disorders. For this seminar our hands-on topic is Lower Back Pain due to Lumbo-Sacral Spondylosis. We will focus on anatomy and physiology of Lumber Erectors, Quadratus Lumborum Muscle and Rotators, their anatomical and biomechanical interaction and relation to spinal nerves; diagnostic evaluation with all necessary tests and step by step application of Medical Massage Protocol.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov will personally work with you on an individual basis.

Only The Science of Massage Institute can offer:

  • A Medical Massage seminar where every technique and protocol is backed by 100% science
  • Instruction by Dr. Ross Turchaninov, considered the source of true Medical Massage in America
  • Support materials that make integrating Medical Massage into your practice fun and easy. “Watch and Follow” our exclusive Video Library to better learn protocols and sharpen your techniques.

So, spice up your Therapeutic and Stress Reduction or Sports Massage practice by injecting science into your EVERY move – OR – if you want a six-figure income and an exciting, fulfilling career helping family, friends and clients with pain relief – you want a CAREER in science based Medical Massage. The Mayo Clinic, American Academy of Pain Management and other leading Medical institutions working with us are changing the face of the massage industry. This is your opportunity to become part of this National movement!

Presenter: Dr. Ross Turchaninov Dr. Ross, founder of the Science of Massage Institute, will personally teach this seminar. He is a medical doctor, a surgeon and he has a PhD in Orthopedy and Rehabilitation. He is a scientist, national and international speaker, author and manual therapist. He studied massage in 7 countries and discovered a profound difference in the field of massage in America compared to the rest of the world. With like minded MDs, PhDs, researchers, educators, authors and scientists he analyzed the last 100+ years of clinical trials throughout the Western World. Dr. Ross first researched this information, then distilled it into 3 books and then adapted much of it to a website as a reliable learning tool for you. Within this information you have at your disposal the accumulation of lifetimes of dedication and research to the massage profession.

For questions about this seminar, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions in the seminar section of our website or contact our Director of Services, Mary Preuss (602) 953-2945,

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