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Seven Springs Massage Conference 2018

 Continuing Education Massage Conference 2018
October 28 – 30, 2018 – Sunday – Tuesday

Three days of massage continuing education that will fulfill all of your requirements for PA Licensure renewal.
(except CPR and Child Abuse Recognition)

Choose from a variety of massage continuing education courses with nationally recognized instructors at our Seven Springs Massage Conference. Get your licensing renewal requirements finished in three days. Classes begin Sunday at 9:00 AM and include the following choices. Please arrive by 8:00 AM on your first days of classes to complete the registration process so the workshops may start on time.

To simplify the registration process please download, complete and submit the registration form with FULL PAYMENT for the massage conference.

Full registration, including all massage continuing education classes:
Before 7/20 – $395 ♦ 7/21-8/24 – $425 ♦ 8/25-9/28 – $450 ♦ 9/29-10/19 – $475
After 10/20 or if space is available the On-Site Registration will be $525.

Per day registration fee:
Before 7/20 – $135 ♦ 7/21 – 8/24 – $150 ♦ 8/25 – 9/28 – $165 ♦ 9/29-10/19 – $180
After 10/20 or if space is available the On-Site Registration will be $200

Full Payment Required With Registration.

Offering the following massage continuing education workshops:
(Scroll down for descriptions and presenter biographies)


Workshop with William Burton of A.C.E. Massage Cupping

  • A.C.E. Massage Cupping™ Level 1 Workshop (Sun/Mon/Tues)

  • This course is currently full.

Workshops with Patrick Ingrassia of Nayada Institiute

  • Bodysaver – “No Thumbs” Deep Tissue Massage (Sun/Mon)

  • Introduction to Thai for the Table (Tues)

Workshops with Christopher A. Morakis

  • Myofascial Release Massage for the Hands and Arms, and Neck and Shoulders

  • Myofascial Release Massage for the Torso

  • Myofascial Release Massage for the Feet and Legs

Workshops with James Waslaski

  • Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns of the Upper Body (Sun)

  • Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns of the Lower Body (Mon)

  • Elite Sports Therapy Class (Tues)

Workshop with Kenn Howard

  • Ethics for the Massage Professional (Sun/Mon Evenings)

Host Hotel and Conference Center

Seven Springs Mountain Resort

777 Waterwheel Dr, Seven Springs, PA 15622
Room Rate: $129 + tx (single/double)

Sunday Workshops

A.C.E. Massage Cupping™ Level 1 Workshop
          This workshop is a three day workshop. You must attend all three days for credit.
with William Burton

Sunday 10/28/2018 through Tuesday 10/30/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 21 NCBTMB and PA Renewal approved

Massage Cupping Therapy is an incredible therapy that can be added into any massage/healing modality. This 21 hours course includes education in theory and application of massage cupping, along with demonstration of both basic and advanced techniques and treatments. Massage cupping greatly enhances the benefits of massage, decreases the strain on the practitioner and can increase revenue through “add on” services.

This ancient technique has been adapted for bodywork and is powerfully therapeutic for many conditions. Massage Cupping is effective in relieving chronic pain at old injury sites and also addresses the soft tissue manifestations of conditions such as: Fibromyalgia, diabetes, pre- and post- operative edema and inflammation, and cellulite. This versatile technique mimics massage movements ranging from deep tissue and myofascial release to the light pumping movements of lymphatic drainage. Used regularly, Massage Cupping is a terrific approach to promoting wellness for our clients.

This three day workshop is fun and informative, with plenty of hands-on activity. don’t miss this opportunity to add Massage Cupping, one of the most valuable and versitile healing modalities available today, to your “toolbox.”

Bodysaver – “No Thumbs” Deep Tissue Massage
           This workshop is a two day workshop. You must attend both days for credit.
with Patrick Lee Ingrassia, LMT

Sunday 10/28/2018 through Monday 10/29/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 14 NCBTMB, New York & PA Renewal approved
There is an additional $30 workbook fee to be paid to instructor first day of class.

The Nayada Institute is offering our revolutionary BodySaver Massage course at our conference! The BodySaver Method™ is a unique modality that protects you from strain, fatigue, and injury while allowing you to offer longer, more effective sessions. Better still, it can be combined with any other modality to take your practice to the next level. Are you ready to offer your best massage, all day, every day? Want to perform therapeutic massage at ANY pressure without EVER having to use your thumbs? Register for the BodySaver Massage course today!

Myofascial Release Massage for the Hands and Arms, and Neck and Shoulders
with Christopher A. Morakis
Sunday 10/28/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 7 NCBTMB & PA Renewal approved

If you are interested in releasing chronic and acute stress, tension, and pain and increasing range and ease of motion, you will
want to consider including myofascial release in your professional toolbox. In these seminars you will also get a thorough introduction
to the Myofascial Release Massage and see why almost 4,000 manual therapists have learned these techniques and the
principles behind them. The Myofascial Release Massage is a derivative of Hellerwork, itself a gentler derivative of Rolfing. The
techniques are deep, highly effective, and easier on your body than other deep tissue modalities. Most of your time spent in these
classes will be hands-on. The instructor will review all strokes taught to ensure that you can use what you learn in your practice
immediately. Thoroughly illustrated manuals will be provided for each seminar.

You may take one, two or all three days of classes for up to 21 hours of credit.

“Taking these newly-learned techniques back to my practice allowed me to accomplish more with some people in
a single session than I had been able to during months of weekly sessions before I took these seminars.”
— James Dahler, North Canton, Ohio

In our flexion-addicted society, where everyone is bent over their keyboards or their phones, more and more people are seeking
relief for pain and stress in their hands, arms, neck, and shoulders. But they aren’t the only ones. Musicians, construction workers,
athletes, injury victims, and, of course, massage therapists all suffer from problems in these parts of their bodies. In this one-day
workshop you will learn the techniques taught in the Myofascial Release Massage Seminars that effectively help people seeking
treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and shoulder injuries, and general over-use problems. Most of you will leave the seminars
with hands and arms that feel better than at any time since you started massage school.

Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns of the Upper Body
with James Waslaski
Sunday 10/28/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 7 NCBTMB, Florida & PA Renewal approved

State of the art anatomy and nerve graphics will allow manual therapists to look inside the human body. Starting with the brain and spinal cord, therapists will release OA & C1-C2 fixations, cervical kyphosis (military neck), spinal stenosis patterns, stuck facet joints, and treat sprains and strains throughout the upper body. Nerve tests include: Spurling Test: spinal nerve compression; Eden’s Test: costo-clavicular syndrome; Adson’s Test: scalene and first rib involvement ; Wright Abduction Test: pectoralis minor involvement; Tests to identify Cubital Tunnel and Guyon’s Canal (ulnal tunnel) conditions; Test for Bicipital Aponeurosis tendinosis: median nerve scarring; Pronator Teres Test: median nerve entrapment; and Tests for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome including the Tinnel’s Test, Phalen’s Test, and Tethered Median Nerve tests. Complicated shoulder capsular adhesions will also be addressed, and home care retraining will include spinal decompression, nerve glides and nerve tensioning exercises.

Monday Workshops

A.C.E. Massage Cupping™ Level 1 Workshop (Continued)

Bodysaver – “No Thumbs” Deep Tissue Massage (Continued)

Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Patterns of the Lower Body
with James Waslaski

Monday 10/29/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 7 NCBTMB, Florida & PA Renewal approved

State of the art anatomy and nerve graphics will allow manual therapists to look inside the human body. The Weber-Barstow Maneuver, and Supine to Sits Test will evaluate for functional versus anatomical leg length discrepancies. Pelvic stabilization will address sacral torsion patterns, iliosacral upslips, joint capsular patterns, femoral nerve compression, and normal muscle firing patterns. Therapists will level the sacral base, and treat the Sacrotuberous ligament for sciatic nerve pain. The Straight Leg Test and Braggard’s Test will identify L5/ SI bulges or herniated discs. The Slump Test will identify hamstring strains or adductor strains that scar down the Sciatic Nerve. Tibial Torsions and Fixated Fibular Head Conditions will be corrected to release the Tibial and Fibular Nerve Entrapments. Manual therapists will also evaluate and treat Tarasal Tunnel and Morton’s Neuroma. Home care retraining will include nerve glides and nerve tensioning exercises. Techniques to release advanced stage hip capsule problems will be highlighted in this presentation.

Myofascial Release Massage for the Torso
with Christopher A. Morakis

Monday 10/29/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 7 NCBTMB & PA Renewal approved

In massage school you probably learned two or three strokes for the front of the torso and several more for the back of the body.
In this one-day seminar you will learn to effectively address the following muscles from a fascial perspective; pectoralis major and
minor, terres major and minor, latissimus dorsi, quadratus lumborem (four different strokes), internal and external intercostals,
diaphragm, rectus abdominus, anterior serratus, infra and supra-spinatus, spinalis, longissimus, illiocostalis, and superior and
inferior posterior serratus. In other words you will learn how to give a Myofascial Release Massage to the entire torso. This work
is highly effective in the relief of general stress and tension as well as helping clients who suffer from shoulder issues, postural
problems, breathing difficulties, and back pain.

Female students enrolled in Day Two Torso Work, should wear a bra or sports bra to facilitate access to the rib cage.

Tuesday Workshops

A.C.E. Massage Cupping™ Level 1 Workshop (Continued)

Introduction to Thai for the Table
with Patrick Lee Ingrassia, LMT

Tuesday 10/30/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 7 NCBTMB, New York & PA Renewal approved
There is an additional $30 workbook fee to be paid to instructor at the beginning of class.

Thai Massage for the Table creates a partnership between you, your client, and the movements of this flowing modality. This one day introduction to our 32 hour Thai Massage for the Table course offers a unique fusion of Eastern techniques presented in a format that is friendly to the Western practitioner. Thousands of years of Asian tradition meet modern ergonomics and body mechanics to give you techniques that are creative, versatile, and powerful. With Thai Massage for the Table, you’ll learn a modality that’s safe, effective, fun to perform, and in demand!

Elite Sports Therapy Class
with James Waslaski

Tuesday 10/30/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 7 NCBTMB, Florida & PA Renewal approved

Clinical Sports Massage and Corrective Stretching and Strengthening Exercises for Performance Enhancement
This unique course takes you far beyond the traditional event sports massage training. We will be looking at on site sporting event work, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement techniques. Olympic and professional athletes realize the benefits of elite sports therapy to fit their specific needs. How do you customize your techniques to compliment the work of the athletic trainer, sport medicine physician, physiotherapist, or chiropractor? Are you familiar with the biomechanics of the various different athletes? What about proper muscle firing orders for optimal performance? You will know which techniques can have a negative effect on performance, if applied too close to competition. You will look at protocols to enhance transitions in endurance events like triathlons. You will analyze movements of multiple sports, and eliminate overactive and underactive muscle activity to prevent sports injuries and enhance performance potential. This incredible course looks at Elite Sports Therapies that will set your work apart from the average sports massage therapist, and could pave the way to working at international sporting events, or securing a career with your favorite professional sports team.

Myofascial Release Massage for the Feet and Legs
with Christopher A. Morakis

Tuesday 10/30/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Hours: 7 NCBTMB & PA Renewal approved

Many of our clients are not much aware of their feet and legs and when they are it’s because these areas hurt. In this one-day seminar
you will learn a fascial address to this often ignored area of the body. Clients with plantar fascitis, knee issues, and hip pain
will really benefit from what you learn in this class. Further, the deep release of stress and tension in the lower body often induces
similar relaxation in the upper body.

All students enrolled in Day Three Feet and Legs should wear loose fitting shorts to facilitate access to the hips.

“I just couldn’t wait to write you. I used the work I learned over the weekend on my first client at 9am this morning.
Julie has shin splints and I have treated her a couple of times with little decrease in her pain level. She started out at a 9
and the last treatment (before I took your seminar) had brought her down to a 7-8, which is where she was at this morning.
Both she and I were thrilled that she walked out of here after using your work with her pain reduced to a 3-4.”
— Bettyann Cernese , Groton, MA

Ethics for the Massage Professional
with Kenn Howard
Free bonus included with full 3 day
conference registration ONLY.
Time: 5:45 PM – 7:45 PM OR 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
(First 30 registrations will be in the 5:45 PM section. After 30 registrations, you will be placed in the 8 PM section.)
Hours: 4 NCBTMB & PA Renewal approved

Sunday and Monday Evenings

Enjoy this exploration and discovery of ethics for massage therapists with Kenn Howard, author of the column “A Question of Ethics” in the Massage and Bodywork magazine. Kenn’s experience and style will help make your day of discussing professional boundaries, dual relationships, appropriate and inappropriate behavior and how to deal with it an enjoyable experience.


Presenter: William Burton – Born and raised in the City of “Brotherly Love” William, an army veteran, attended Community College of Philadelphia and New Jersey’s Rowan University graduating with a Jazz performance degree. Attended and graduated the 500 hours massage therapy program in 2002 at the National Massage Therapy Institute as a Certified Massage Therapist. Currently a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Commonwealth of PA, William is a member of the following associations: Advanced Continuing Education (ACE), Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), Philadelphia Wellness Assoc. (PWA), as well as the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE), Certifications in Reflexology and Aromatherapy were earned while attending NMTI. Thai Massage certification in 2003 at the Acupressure Institute in Berkley California as well as completing the Biotone Spa Techniques under Steve Cappelini.

Presenter: Kenn Howard, MT, NMT, is a graduate of PghSMT Massage Therapy Training and Advanced Massage Therapy Training and is trained in a number of other massage techniques. He is certified in TouchPro© Chair Massage and has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh.

Presenter: Patrick Lee Ingrassia, LMT, is a world-renowned massage therapist, teacher, and innovator, as well as the founder of the Nayada Institute of Massage. Patrick graduated from the Florida School of Massage, and went on to earn his Thai Massage Teacher Certification from the Institute of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, after studying extensively with Master Chongkol Setthakorn. He has been teaching massage in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico for over 15 years.
Patrick invented the BodySaver Method, a unique modality that allows massage therapists to extend their careers and protect their bodies while delivering effective massage at any pressure. He also invented the hot stone Accu roller and developed the stick and Stone Massage modality. He is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Kripalu Certified Bodyworker, Certified Personal Trainer, and Yoga teacher. Emphasizing experiential training, Patrick teaches creative, practical methods that students can put to use immediately to enhance their massage careers.

Presenter: Christopher A. Morakis earned his certificate of massage therapy from the Ohio College of Masssotherapy and was licensed through the Ohio State Medical Board in 1994. He was the massage therapist for the 2000 Hewlett Packard Women’s Bicycle Challenge in Boise, ID as well as for the LPGA in Warren, OH from 1998 through 2000. Chris is currently employed by a chiropractor and is responsible for massage therapy, rehabilitation, exercise and some physical therapy. He has his own private practice, has been a part time massage instructor, and is also a certified fitness trainer. Chris began working with Howard Rontal, Hellerwork Practitioner and the founder of the Myofascial Release Massage, in 1994 and served as a teaching assistant in over 40 classes.

Presenter: James Waslaski is an Author and International lecturer who teaches manual therapy at approximately 40 seminars in the US and throughout the world on an annual basis. After graduating from college, he was a paramedic who also taught in hospitals and college for almost 20 years. He is a massage school graduate and a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM. James is also an NCBTMB Board approved educational provider. James has developed 9 Integrated Manual Therapy and Sports Injury DVDs, and authored a manual in Client Self Care. His textbook: Clinical Massage Therapy: A Structural Approach to Pain Management, was published by Pearson Education in 2011. He presents at state, national and international chiropractic, osteopathic, athletic training and massage conventions. James received the 1999 FSMTA International Achievement Award, and was inducted into the 2008 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. James was awarded Massage Therapist of The Year in 2012 at the Canadian Massage Conference. He was also nominated and awarded by his peers and colleagues the designation of Teacher of The Year in 2015 at the World Massage Festival.

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