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Taming TMJ

Taming TMJ* (Massage for TMJ)

*Open to Massage Therapists with Minimum of 2 yrs experience

NCBTMB Approved Provider

Presenter: Retta Flagg
Hours:  7 Approved for PA License Renewal and NCBTMB Approved
Early Registration Fee: $115  
(if paid 14 days in advance of workshop)
Registration Fee: $125
Full payment required to register.   
Times: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Date:  5/12/2017

This workshop will comprehensively cover the muscles in the head and facial muscles involved in TMJ. Included are intra-oral techniques as well as multidisciplinary massage techniques.

This workshop will include the following:

  • Review of facial, and head muscles involved in TMJ.
  • Trigger points and pain patterns for facial, and head muscles involved in TMJ.
  • Review of interior mouth muscles involved in TMJ.
  • Trigger points and pain patterns for interior mouth muscles involved in TMJ.
  • Swedish, myofascial release, NMT, cross fiber, skin rolling, and deep tissue techniques for posterior neck muscles, facial, and head muscles involved in TMJ.

The course focuses on:

  • Increasing palpation skills.
  • Body ergonomics for the therapist.
  • Precise locations of trigger points.
  • Client interaction for helping the client feel comfortable with massage in areas that feel invasive.

Retta Flagg graduated from the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in 1986. Since her introduction to massage was from a personal back injury, she focused on techniques that would work with injuries and chronic pain. She trained in Neuromuscular Technique with Bonnie Prudden, Paul St. John,and was certified in Neuromuscular Technique through the Chicago School of Massage Therapy.

She maintains a private practice in Downtown Pittsburgh and was an instructor in Neuromuscular Technique at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy for ten years. She is currently offering continuing education classes in Neuromuscular Technique, Muscle Energy Technique, palpation skills, and self empowerment techniques. Retta has served as an officer in the local unit of the American Massage Therapy Association as well as the state chapter. Retta has over twenty years of metaphysical and spiritual study and experience and teaches spiritual principles and practices through Integrated Spirit, Inc.

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To register for this workshop call 800-860-1114 and place your deposit on a charge card or mail a check for the required deposit to:
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