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Touch Therapy for the Terminally Ill

Touch Therapy for the Terminally Ill

Presenter: Healing Hands ~ Healing Hearts – David Dowdy
Hours:  16  Approved for PA License Renewal
Early Registration Fee: $295
  (if paid 14 days in advance of workshop)
Registration Fee: $325
$100 Deposit is required to register.
Times: Friday and Saturday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

We appreciate the fine work of all hospice volunteers. As a recognition of all you do we will be offering a $50 discount for any hospice volunteer who registers for this workshop. Please provide a letter from the volunteer coordinator at the hospice confirming your volunteer efforts.

Touch is a basic need all of our lives.
Touch Therapy for the Terminally III is an intimate, palliative ceremony honoring a person at the end stages of their lives. This bodywork not only addresses the physical needs of a client/patient but embraces their emotional, social and spiritual needs as well. Receiving bodywork of this type reminds the person receiving it that their body can still be a sign of pleasure. It is an honor to work with the dying as they can truly teach us how to live.

In this course we will define the Quality of Life issues that will bring us to focus on a person’s needs and rights at this time in their life. You will learn hands-on techniques for touching, gently massaging the terminally ill through a head to toe sequence of gentle compression based strokes designed to be very adaptable to varied arenas of application. This massage technique does not require disrobing or use of massage creams or oils. It can be performed through clothing as well as sheets or blankets as well as directly on uncovered parts of the body if the circumstance is as such. We will explore the appropriate modalities that you may already have training in that can be integrated into this wonderful work. You will learn to listen to someone who is critically, chronically or terminally ill with your hands as well as your ears. You will learn wonderful ways to communicate with a grieving family that may be surrounding the person you are meeting with.

You will discover that this technique is quite universal in that it can be used on not only the critically, chronically and terminally ill but it is well received by those suffering from stroke or someone confined to a bed or wheelchair for any reason. We know this will be one of the most adaptable tools in your massage tool box.

Presenter: David E. Dowdy has been a therapist in the massage and bodywork industry since January of 2007.  He began spreading his learning wings and expanding his offerings by gaining certification in Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Ortho-Bionomy Isometric Release, Ortho-Bionomy Phase 6, Ortho-Bionomy Position Release, Touch Therapy for the Terminally Ill, Hospital Based Lymphedema Treatment, Oncology Massage, and Fibromyalgia Treatment.  He is also a Reiki II Practitioner of the Usui Method of Natural Healing.

Through all his training, the area that resonated with him the deepest was the Touch Therapy for the Terminally Ill.  He put this to use, teaming up with Hoffmann Hospice (a nonprofit hospice organization in Bakersfield and Kern County in California) as a volunteer therapist.  Once the hospice leaders recognized the fantastic results David was having with every client he visited, they began having David train all their Certified Nursing Aides in the Touch Therapy for the Terminally Ill modality.

All this led David and his wife Damiana (Ana) to taking ownership of the 501c3 nonprofit organization ‘Healing Hands ~ Healing Hearts.’  With the help of a dedicated, passionate team of professionals in the wellness industry, David and Ana are determined to see that the offering of this organization spreads across the United States and eventually around ‘the great blue ship that sails around the mighty Sun.’ (lyric borrowed from his favorite ELO song)

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