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Massage Clinic

The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy

Bob Jantsch LMT

offers professional massages to the public at our location on Laketon Road.

Weekdays, Evenings and Saturdays!

Clinic Staff: Bob Jantsch – PA License #MSG002

$60.00 per hour appointment / $35.00 per half-hour appointment

Bob is the Director of the school and has been practicing massage therapy since 1981. His style of massage combines firm pressure and a flowing pattern that provides both relaxation and therapeutic benefit.

Types of Massage:

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage. It uses a variety of strokes such as gliding and kneading. Swedish can be used for relaxation, stress reduction, and for therapeutic benefits.

Deep tissue massage utilizes a variety of techniques to effectively reduce muscular tension and the resulting discomfort it can cause.

Student Massage Clinic

  • All massages are provided by advanced students of our school.
  • Only $30.00 per hour appointment
  • We are currently accepting clients for our intern student clinic. Please call the school for your appointment. 1-800-860-1114